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 Armor Protection Group is a licensed and insured, full-service, physical security agency founded in Phoenix, Arizona; that protects life, property, and assets, while offering a large array of services to the clients and communities it serves. 


At Armor Protection Group security, safety, and client satisfaction is our #1 goal! 

We achieve this by providing a superior service, at a more competitive price.

Here at Armor Protection Group we believe in complete transparency and accountability for our clients, from allowing our clients to see the certificates, credentials, and training of our staff, to allowing our clients to interview their potential staff prior to assignment, it is all visible to our clients. And to maximize accountability we have also implemented industry leading computer systems and software to allow for our clients and customers to see exactly where their security staff is at on the site, and what their security staff has been doing on the scene with our “Real-time” reporting, Security Oversight Software (S.O.S.), and workforce management systems. 

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