Security oversight Software (S.O.S.)

Client Portal

APG's S.O.S. system allows for clients to log into the system with their own specifically assigned credentials to see what the guards are doing on their site, and view reports in "Real-time".

Site Plans & Post Orders

 APG's S.O.S. system delivers the scope of work to the security staff on your site and outlines the duties you would like your guards to complete.

GPS Technology

 APG's S.O.S. system tracks your guards while on site ensuring that your site is not being "ghosted" by the guards while you are gone.


  APG's S.O.S. system allows for guards to be assigned tasks directly to their mobile device, which can be assigned at specific times to ensure that pool gate or your facility doors are locked at the proper time.

Checkpoints & Guard Tours

  APG's S.O.S. system allows for clients and APG Management to create checkpoints and identify specific areas of interest, and to ensure guards complete patrol checks at necessary areas. Multiple checkpoints at an individual site, or at multiple sites can be combined to create a guard tour, or a mobile patrol route.

Photo Reports

  APG's S.O.S. system allows for the security guards to attach photos within the "Real-time" reports, showing reported vandalism, property damage, and maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

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