Service Specialties

Included, but not limited to:

 * Security consulting
* Armed security guards
* Unarmed security guards
* Plainclothes security specialists
* Loss prevention agents 

* Alarm/Fire watch services
* Corporate security teams
* H.O.A. and private community patrols
* Gated community security watch
* Shopping centers and strip malls
* Construction projects (O.H.S.A. 10 certified available)
* Hotels, Motels & Resorts

(Airport Clearance guards available for Chauffeur/Shuttle needs)
* Schools and college campus security teams
* Hospitals and clinics
* Special events, concerts, weddings, and much more! 

(Title IV alcohol and Food Handler certified guards available) 

- Personal protection and specialized enforcement services, which include the following:

* Bodyguards
* Corporate security teams
* Executive protection
* Gang suppression units
* High risk terminations & Workplace violence security

- Training courses which also include:

* Armed/Unarmed Security guard training
* CCW/CWP Courses
* Active threat/shooter Courses available for Corp clients

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